• An App For Negative Match Types

You Build A Shop


To Sell Red Wagons

red-wagon red-wagon red-wagon

You Purchase Inventory

web-server cart red-wagon

And Create a WebSite

  • To Sell Red Wagons

But Business Is Slow

So You Decide To Advertise


But Not To Just Anybody

You Want To Target Customers ...

  • Who Are Interested In ...
  • Red Wagons

So You Buy Ads ...

  • Google AdWords Ads.
  • Google AdWords is an ad auction ...
  • Where you bid on ads ...
  • Like: Little Red Wagons.
  • If you win the auction ...
  • Your ad is displayed.
  • If people click on your ad ...
  • You pay Google.

People Search The Web


People search for

Plastic Wagons

Google Shows Your Ad

  • For: Little Red Wagons
  • Because Plastic Wagons
  • And Litte Red Wagons
  • Have WAGONS in common.

So People Click on Your Ad

  • And Enter Your Shop

But you don't sell plastic wagons!

So, they exit your shop

But, you still Pay Google

  • That's what they call ...
  • irrelevant traffic ...
  • and a waste of money.

The answer is ...

  • Stop people who are looking for ...
  • plastic wagons ...
  • from seeing your ad ...
  • and entering your shop.

The answer is ...

  • Negative Keywords

But Negative Keywords ...

  • Can be confusing
  • They even have 3 different types
  • And if used improperly
  • can stop interested customers
  • from Seeing Your Ad


  • Can help you better understand
  • Negative Keywords
  • And Their Impact
  • On Your Advertising